This Congress was created with the aim of promoting a quality debate around journalistic coverage of migration.

We believe it is necessary to open and strengthen spaces that allow for the building of a network of professionals to address the complexity of a global-scale phenomenon. Spaces where we can listen to each other, learn, and exchange valuable experiences that help us improve.

The Congress in numbers 

Merida: Home to the Congress on Journalism and Migration.

Over the various editions, Mérida (Extremadura) has been the chosen city to host the International Congress on Migration Journalism. If you’re wondering why, here are the reasons why Mérida has been the ideal city for our congress:


Since 26 BCE, the city of Mérida, the capital of Extremadura, has been established as one of the best examples of Roman architecture in Europe, showing its beauty through its theater or the temple of Diana. 

The region of Extremadura stands out in Spain not only for its history but also for its unique traditions. Its gastronomy and folklore are exceptional and attract thousands of visitors every year. Being able to live and feel the cultural exchange between the traditions of the city and the professionals adds value to the congress.

Something that characterizes migration is its local dimension. Holding the congress in a city far from urban centers such as Madrid or Barcelona adds great value to the experience and the discussion of the different topics to be addressed at the congress.

The commitment and support of Extremadura’s institutions from the very beginning have made Mérida the ideal place to host the only international meeting of migration journalism professionals in Extremadura year after year.

Human migration has become one of the main topics, especially when it results in tragic deaths. This has partly driven the need for journalists and media outlets to specialize in migration to cover this complex issue comprehensively. Creating quality information about migration is essential to promote critical thinking in society and counter hate speech.

Thanks to the trust of sponsors and partners of the Mérida Congress, each edition brings together over 100 international journalists, opinion leaders, and professionals from various fields to debate migration, a crucial and cross-cutting issue for the growth of our societies. The presence of renowned opinion leaders and journalists ensures the media and public impact of the event, highlighting both the topics to be discussed and the partners who make it possible.

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